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Hi there, I'm Jacqui Bishop and I'm delighted, on behalf of myself and my coauthor, Mary Grunte, to welcome you to Innerkids.net.

This is a place where every aspect of you is accepted and respected, so you can feel safe and at home.

You belong here if you are on a healing journey, if you seek relief from pain, fear, confusion, and anger, if you are looking for answers for yourself or someone you love.

You also belong here if you're committed to a life full of love, freedom, gratitude, personal power, making a difference, forgiveness, and peace with self, others, and the Creator.


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Mary Grunte


All this is available to most people using the Inner Family Healing method Mary Grunte originated and she and I co-developed.

Inner Family Healing has been producing miracles of transformation in the lives of thousands of people for almost 25 years, bringing folks from suicidal depression to living gratefully. I'm a witness.

This website and all the books, audios, and workshops that will be offered on it are designed to make Inner Family Healing available to you at a reasonable cost.

Please, take a few minutes to explore the website, read about How We Work, and if what you find speaks to you, we invite you to buy and read our books and audios.



Better still, Contact Us to book a session. Most people can tell in just one hour if Inner Family Healing is right for them, and sometimes just one session is all it takes to set yourself on the right path for doing it yourself.

We love you and wish you the very best on your journey.

God Bless you,



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