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Mary Grunte, R.N., originated the Inner Family Healing process. She has broad experience in observing behavior in newborns, infants, and children. Her background includes psychiatric nursing in London, England's renowned Maudsley-Royal Bethlehem Hospital, followed by delivery room and nursery management in Methodist Hospital in New York.

She has further developed the discoveries made in these environments in subsequent work with terminally ill patients and in her psychotherapy practice, which she has carried on in Yonkers NY since 1981.

In her other life, Mary also wrote and produced John the Baptist (music by Bruce Lederhouse), a chancel musical drama that has been produced in several states. She is married to Leon; they have two children and three grandchildren.


Jacqui Bishop, M.S., has carried on a private psychotherapy practice since 1982 in White Plains NY. A graduate of the Foundation for Religion & Mental Health program in Transactional Analysis and Gestalt, Jacqui worked with Dan Casriel, M.D., at the Casriel Institute in the New Identity Process and has done extensive work in a wide variety of other healing disciplines, including rebirthing, massage, Alexander, and other bodywork techniques.

Formerly with McKinsey & Company, Inc., management consultants, Jacqui also teaches executives to write clearly & persuasively, and consults to management on organization, leadership, and interpersonal communications.

Her recent writings include such diverse titles as The Creative Brain (co-authored with Ned Herrmann and published by Brain Books); How to Forgive When You Don't Know How, also coauthored with Mary G. and published by Station Hill Press in 1993; The Turtle’s Guide to Investing: How to Stick Your Neck Out Without Losing Your Head, coauthored with H. Rogers Bishop, and in the pipeline: The Holding Book.



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