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Available 2012


Long cherished by thousands of people, How to Love Yourself When You Don't Know How: Healing All Your Inner Children is a remarkable step-by-step guide to those who desire

  • A deeply affectionate relationship with themselves
  • The experience of being an adult and in charge
  • Self respect and admiration for oneself

Do you know you have an Inner Child? Bet you do, but do you know you have more than one? In fact, they can get into huge power struggles without you even knowing it? It can make you feel very crazy.

The Inner Family Healing process described in How to Love Yourself can help deliver you from power struggles and other evidence of Inner Children in the driver's seat.
It will teach you to

  • Locate the Inner Children
  • Create profound safety and nourishment for them
  • Free them to do their real job-finding.

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How To Love Yourself When You Don't Know How
Available 2012