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Shalom Mountain Retreat & Study Center

Shalom Sacred Mountain Retreat & Study Center is a loving and supportive healing community of journeyers committed to living fully in integrity. Throughout the year, Shalom facilitators lead a variety of retreats both on and off the Mountain aimed at supporting participants in engaging with their own deepest truth.

We find, to our great relief, that the truth really does set one free, for at the very bottom, it is nothing but love. The best introduction to Shalom Mountain is a Shalom Retreat, an intense 3-dayresidential growth experience based on skills and principles of loving promoted by great teachers over the centuries.

It is not for the faint of heart, as the process work that guides the weekend is body-based and therefore intense and powerful. But if you are ready for the deep end of the pool, this is a wonderful option. To learn whether or not Shalom work is for you, contact them on the web or by phone at 845-482-5421. The Center is located in the Catskill Mountains about 2 hours northwest of New York City.

Landmark Education Corporation

Landmark Education Corporation is the international company that produces The Forum, a remarkable 3-day training experience that helps us to examine what determines how we experience the world, what drives us in work and relationships, and self concept.

It distinguishes between what we can and can’t change, thus relieving us of large portions of the fruitless struggle against being human. It also opens up the technology of intention, which enables us to identify the desires of our hearts and move toward them.

The course costs between $485 and $550 depending on location in the USA, and includes a 10-session follow-on seminar to help ground the learning of the 3-day training. For those who wish to continue in Landmark work, there is a rich on-going curriculum available, as well as a chance to volunteer, which can be as educational as the courses themselves.

The Verbally Abusive Relationship: How to Recognize it and How to Respond

by Patricia Evans, PhD.

“The Verbally Abusive Relationship,” shows that verbal abuse is a lot more than name-calling and that there are a dozen main categories of verbal abuse, from the silent treatment and discounting, to threatening and name-calling. She has two websites that are very useful: for those learning about verbal abuse, for themselves or for others (friends, family, clients) we recommend you visit: www.verbalabuse.com

For therapists or those interested in Patricia Evans professional work & speaking engagements, please visit her website Patricia Evans: Evans Interpersonal Communications Institute, Inc. (EICI) at : www.patriciaevans.com

The Center for Self Leadership


We are delighted to have connected with Dr. Richard Schwartz, who discovered the Inner Family independently at about the same time we did. He and his group at Northwestern University’s Family Institute founded The Center for Self Leadership, which has been training therapists, health care professionals, and the public in the Internal Family Systems™ (IFS) model of psychotherapy since 1995.

Virtually identical to Inner Family Healing in its dynamics, clarity, and non-pathologizing approach to understanding and resolving human problems, IFS is a good therapeutic adjunct for anyone who feels drawn to Inner Family Healing. Moreover, a farflung network of clinicians trained in IFS can be accessed through their website.




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