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Phone and in-person sessions with Mary and Jacqui

Although it works for many people to use Inner Family Healing on their own, others prefer or need additional support (Jacqui certainly did).

Regardless of which path you choose, a session or two can accelerate your progress and bring alive the experiences and attitudes that foster well-being in your Inner Family.

We recommend three sessions in a row, although a single session can be enough to put you on the right track. You can always call if you get stuck.

Be sure to review our pages on Inner Family Healing and How We Work.


Both of us are available to work by phone or in person.
To inquire, please send an email to either: Jacqui@innerkids.net or Mary@innerkids.net

If you prefer, call our office, during working hours Eastern Time.

  • Jacqui: 914-997-9611.
  • Mary: 914-793-6418

Our standard fee is $80 per hour, payable in advance.
A sliding scale is available for those who require it. Session telephone calls are free within the U.S.





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