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Anger, Forgiveness, & Freedom:
A Celebration

Led by Jacqui Bishop MS, coauthor
How to Forgive When You Don't Know How
105 Winding Ridge Road, White Plains NY 10603

Does this apply to you?

Can't forgive?
Tired of being mad?
Tired of being tired?
Feel victimized by your feelings?
Ready for some soul peace?



Wonder if the price is too high?
Don't know what to do next?
Not sure how to take charge?

Come to this workshop for a special price of $60
if you register early - ($75 thereafter)

You can reclaim your life for yourself today.
Isn't it time to explore the possibilities of creating freedom for yourself today?
If it is, call us and come prepared to create miracles in your life today!


More About the Anger & Forgiveness Workshop

Nothing imprisons your life and emotions as unresolved rage and unforgiveness toward another person. Perhaps it's a parent, an ex-spouse, a former friend or employer who betrayed, disappointed, or badly hurt you or someone you care about. Whoever it is, your inability to allow them and what they did to fall away behind you into your past is keeping you in chains.

The price you pay is high: letting old anger rule your emotional life and day-to-day responses perpetuates the original abuse, distorts your perceptions of the present, ultimately damaging your immune system, and keeps grief stuck in your body.

If any of this description fits you, we invite you to: (1) get clear on the reasons why you and other people hold onto anger; (2) learn about the Inner Family Healing process, which enables you to understand the underlying barriers to forgiveness; and (3) engage in a process that frees you to release the old hurts, fears, and resentments toward those who hurt you.

Based on such information, forgiveness is a free choice rather than a "should"— an act of self-esteem rather than of defeat, an expression of power rather than weakness.

Workshop Cancellation Policy
Due to the very limited number of seats available, all registration fees are non-refundable.
You may fill your place with someone who is not already on our list.
If you call 914-997-9611 or email us to cancel, no later than 48 hours in advance of the workshop,
we will immediately mail your copy of
How to Forgive When You Don't Know How

and we will also send you an autographed copy of
How to Love Yourself When You Don't Know How
when it is released in August, all postage included.

Your initial registration indicates that you have read, understood, and accepted this policy.

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